A Word From the Author

The impetus of this whole endeavor was to venture out beyond my comfort zone and go further than the five minute drive from my home or work to find those great hidden (or not so hidden) eateries in this city of fantastic food. I’ve been wanting to branch out and take advantage of the great food I get to live around in Los Angeles and, in my case, seeing how many burgers one place can offer seemed like the most fun I could possibly have while doing that.

If you’re a burger and fries fan, you’re like me and will try any of them. There are certain connotations to the word “foodie” and I don’t think I strictly fit any of them. I don’t dump on any food really. I don’t love everything, but I enjoy pretty much everything. My dislikes do exist but are not a hindrance to my dining experiences. I’ll try anything once.

My love, however, is the burger. And since I love it, I haven’t ardently disliked anyone I’ve ever had. There’s some I don’t need to eat again, but none of them have I spit out saying “this is garbage”, even if it was actually garbage. I really just want to try a wide range of them, from cheap hole-in-the-wall to expensive gourmet. I’m a burger and fries purist. That’s my culinary calling. If your restaurant can offer that one-two punch of greatness, then I love you. Me, a foodie? That’s your call. A burger foodie? If such a thing exists, I’m probably one of them.