Ambience: local dive bar and grill feel with wood decor and attentive service

Ordering procedure: wait service (regular table, stool table, or bar seating)

Burger presentation: all put together in a paper lined dish with pickles on the side

The Sobelman: American/Swiss/Cheddar cheeses, bacon, fried onion, jalapeno

Cheese situation: different cheeses on different signature burgers

Fries: regular style (very crispy)

Meal deal: burger comes with fries, drink must be bought seperately

Meal price: $8-15

Other: multiple TVs playing, very dimly lit, condiments/napkins on table

First location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (5 locations in Wisconsin)

Review: The burger has its own distinct flavor. The mild spice of the jalapenos go great with the local cheeses and bacon. If in the area, this is a good example of a Midwestern-style burger. Also the fries are legitimately great and very crispy.

The Sobelman
The December burger of the month

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