Burger Joint

Ambience: a literal hole in the wall of a high end hotel lobby with a no BS staff

Ordering procedure: counter service (they call your name when it’s ready)

Burger presentation: all put together wrapped in paper, fries come in a paper bag

Cheeseburger: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, mustard, ketchup

Cheese situation: the hamburger and the cheeseburger are the only options

Fries: skinny style

Meal deal: cheeseburger, fries, and soda combo option

Meal price: $15-20

Other: walls covered in posters and handwriting, view of grill area, a TV playing

First location: New York, New York (New York originating international chain, other locations in Brazil, Singapore, and Dubai)

Review: This is a perfectly cooked, no frills cheeseburger that matches the ambience. The ordering procedure is also no nonsense. All I said was “cheeseburger, the works, fries and a Diet Coke” and I got exactly that. This is a “burger dive bar” if there ever was one and should be a pilgrimage for any true burger lover.




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