Minetta Tavern

Ambience: a classic, dimly lit by only candlelight, fairly romantic bistro setting

Ordering procedure: wait service (reservations recommended for table, unsure if you can eat at bar)

Burger presentation: burger and caramelized onions on bottom bun, top bun leaning askew, other toppings on the side, all on a platter with fries and pickle garnish

Black Label Burger: caramelized onion (lettuce and tomato on the side)

Cheese situation: no cheese

Fries: skinny style (cooked in peanut oil)

Meal deal: burger comes with fries, drink must be bought separately

Meal price: over $25

Other: bottle of water for table, bread for table, windows covered to maintain ambience, very impressive bar, waiters in white aprons

Single location: 113 MacDougal Street, New York, New York 10012

Review: Long-winded review coming: The star of the show, and what you’re paying for, is the quality of the beef. The dry aged beef flavor mixed with the caramelized onions is a classic high end combo but at this point, has been done. And the tomato and lettuce on the side, to or to not put on, seemed like an afterthought. For this price, I think the burger should be presented to you in full how they want you to eat it. It has great flavors but for me it’s not worth the money. If I have to be a burger elitist, I would say even though it tastes great, if you’ve been around the burger block, these flavors are nothing new. The lack of originality takes away from the overall enjoyment of it for me. And no cheese. That’s a minus for me on a burger this high end. Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with it as a dish and if you’re a burger lover who has had one as above described, feel free to try this one, but I’m betting you’ve had it before.



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