Dog Haus

Ambience: a quick service eatery with a rustic modern vibe and wood decor

Ordering procedure: counter service (they give you a number and bring it to you)

Burger presentation: all put together in a paper dish on a paper-lined metal tray

Cheeseburger: cheese, pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion, 1000 island

Cheese situation: comes on all burger options

Fries: regular style

Meal deal: all items must be bought separately

Meal price: $8-15

Other: accessible soda fountain, patio seating option, TVs playing sports

First location: Pasadena, California (a national chain, mostly in Southern California)

Review: This was a surprisingly good meal for a quick service chain. The burger was fun to eat and well put together inside a squishy bun and the fries were crispy and excellent. I recommend.


That’s a King’s Hawaiian roll bun, which I was skeptical about but was completely wonderful.

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