Mix & Match Burger

Ambience: a modern, orange/white color-schemed burger eatery with minimalist decor

Ordering procedure: counter service (they call your number for counter pick up)

Burger presentation: all put together with a toothpick down the center on a wooden platter

Match Burger: cheddar, lettuce, ketchup, garlic aioli, tomato, onion, jalapeño jam

Cheese situation: comes on their house burger

Fries: skinny style

Meal deal: fries and a drink can be added to a burger order to make it a combo

Meal price: $8-15

Other: burger assembled in front of you, “build your own” option available, TV screen menus

Single Los Angeles area location: 112 West California Ave. Glendale, CA 91203

Review: A lot of issues here: cold stale fries, stale toppings, a way off bun-to-burger ratio. The novelty of a Subway-style burger bar wears off when you start eating.



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