The Great Burger

Ambience: a hip yet classic, hidden off the main drag eatery with quick, good staff

Ordering procedure: wait service (table seating)

Burger presentation: all put together on a plate

Standard toppings: lettuce, tomato, onion, relish, mayo, mustard

Cheese situation: included on only certain selections

Fries: shoestring and wedge styles

Meal deal: at lunch they only offer a “lunch set” which is “choice of burger, style of fries, coleslaw, and choice of drink”, the price of which is based on burger choice

Meal price: $8-15 (in USD)

Other: classic American pop rock playing, 50’s American kitsch on walls

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Review: An absolutely melt in your mouth burger that is well made and well constructed. All the ingredients work together great. Nice crispy fries, too.



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