Ambience: a no frills, L.A. themed, hipster hole in the wall with good staff

Ordering procedure: wait service (seat yourself, indoor and outdoor seating)

Burger presentation: all put together with a toothpick down the center, on a platter

Blaq Magiq: cheddar, bacon, crispy onion, chipotle aioli, tomato, arugula

Cheese situation: different cheeses on different signature burger options

Fries: skinny style (served with four sauces)

Meal deal: fries come with the burger, drink must be bought separately

Meal price: $20-25

Other: license plate style signage, L.A. mural on wall, drinks served in mason jars

Single Los Angeles area location: 11665 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91606

Review: An exceptionally juicy and well constructed burger on a great bun. It has a very basic flavor profile where everything works together and nothing overpowers. The fries are unique too; super thin, over fried, and awesome. A must try place.


This platter can’t really be understood without seeing it.
Clockwise from top left; chipotle aioli, barbecue, ranch, and ketchup

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