Burger Lounge

Ambience: high-end quick service eatery with an orange/green color scheme

Ordering procedure: counter service (you get a table number and they bring it out to you)

Burger presentation: all put together on a white rectangle platter

The Lounge Burger: cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, house 1000 island

Cheese situation: comes on the burger

Fries: regular style (rosemary seasoned)

Meal deal: burger, fries, and drink must be bought separately

Meal price: $15-20

Other: only serve organic ingredients, home to “the original grass-fed burger”

First location: La Jolla, California (a Southern California chain)

Review: The burger construction could be a bit better but overall this is a fantastic burger. The patty is griddle smashed so it’s basically half crust and the fresh toppings add to it well. It’s also all inside a great, fresh bun. A must try.

For all you midwesterners, this is the closest thing to Culver’s I’ve had on the West Coast.


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