Bob’s Big Boy

Ambience: classic, packed with people, American diner with stretched thin but good staff

Ordering procedure: wait service (table or counter seating) ***There was a wait for tables but immediate counter seating

Burger presentation: all put together on a plate

“Original” Big Boy: lettuce, cheese, mayo, house red relish

Cheese situation: comes on the burger

Fries: regular style

Meal deal: burgers come with fries (& side salad), drink must be bought separately

Meal price: $8-15

Other: omnipresent Big Boy mascot, 50’s memorabilia, ketchup in bottles

First location: Glendale, California (a national chain, primarily in Southern California & Michigan)

Review: This double decker burger makes for an interesting texture and a classic feel but altogether a forgettable and somewhat bland meal. But it does go well with the ambience.

a good looking plate of food if nothing else
an up-close of the double deck

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