Ambience: trendy eatery with a “trying to be hip” vibe with helpful staff

Ordering procedure: wait service (table seating only)

Burger presentation: closed wrap in wax paper on plastic tray

Standard toppings: pickle, onion, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, mayo

Cheese situation: comes with the burger, there are also options without

Fries: regular & skinny styles

Meal deal: all items must be bought separately

Meal price: $8-15 (in USD)

Other: really good minimalist signage and menu, which is just a business card, you get a decanter of water for the table, they offer mayo with the fries

First location: Dublin, Ireland (only three locations)

Review: An absolutely outstanding fresh take on a burger and fries. A savory, juicy, messy but great burger with an exceptional toppings combination. The fries were a little over-fried and gristly for my liking but were very tasty nonetheless.



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