Bobo’s Gourmet Irish Burgers

Ambience: a farm to table themed diner with animal murals covering the walls

Ordering procedure: wait service (table seating only)

Burger presentation: all put together with a toothpick down the center, on a platter

The Dubliner: tomato relish, Dubliner cheese, fried onion, tomato, gherkins, lettuce, house sauce

Cheese situation: different cheeses on different signature burgers, some without

Fries: fat & skinny styles

Meal deal: all items must be bought separately

Meal price: $15-20 (in USD)

Other: green/white color scheme, sidewalk patio seating available

First location: Dublin, Ireland (only three locations)

Review: While it’s a unique theme and a juicy burger, the bun they serve is a tougher, chewier kaiser roll that makes it a little harder to fully enjoy. There’s nothing technically wrong with it, it just doesn’t hit that burger nerve. I’d pass.



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