Burger Bar

Ambience: high-end, dimly lit dive bar vibe with friendly staff

Ordering procedure: wait service (table or bar seating)

Burger presentation: all put together with a stick down the middle, on a metal tray

Standard toppings: build your own burger or select a house speciality

Cheese situation: add-on charge or included in house speciality

Fries: fat & skinny styles

Meal deal: fries come with house specialities, otherwise all bought separately

Meal price: $15-20

Other: serves alcoholic milkshakes, dessert burgers, and a $60 Rossini burger

First location: Las Vegas, Nevada (only two others in San Francisco and Beijing)

Review: The ambience was very cool and the alcoholic milkshake was the best of my life but the Hangover Burger wasn’t the most flavorful given its apparent gourmet status. You get high quality food here but maybe try building your own.



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