Tommy’s Original World Famous Hamburgers

Ambience: an OK staff and semi-unclean environment with unsavory clientele ***This applies to both the Hollywood and North Hollywood locations.

Ordering procedure: counter service (they call your number)

Burger presentation: open-face diaper-wrap on tray

Standard toppings: chili, cheese, tomato, pickle, onion, mustard

Cheese situation: comes with the meal deal

Fries: regular style

Meal deal: different burger, fries, and drink combo options

Meal price: under $8

Other: refills upon request from soda fountain behind counter, these restaurants tend to attract the homeless

First location: Los Angeles, California (a southern California chain)

Review: The tomato slice is a bit large but the chili is absolutely delicious on the burger and fries, just be aware of the environment you are entering and the clientele you will have to dine around.

A very classic feeling chili burger and fries
Ooey gooey, and from the looks of it upside-down

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