In-N-Out Burger

Ambience: clean, crisp, red/white colored environment with nice, welcoming staff

Ordering procedure: counter service (they call your number)

Burger presentation: open-face diaper-wrap in red plastic tray

Standard toppings: cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, house spread

Cheese situation: comes with the meal deal

Fries: fresh cut, skinny style

Meal deal: different burger, fries, and drink combo options

Meal price: under $8

Other: has a secret menu (Google it), I recommend the “animal style” burger

First location: Baldwin Park, California (a west coast chain)

Review: It’s the gold standard burger: basic, classic, and delicious. Consistent greatness on a very high level. For its price, likely the best burger you will find on the west coast.

A double-double with fries. My favorite.
In-N-Out Double Double
The embodiment of food porn
The 4×4 and animal style fries

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