I asked myself this question: Why am I going to all of these burger places and trying their food?

Because I love burgers! Well, that’s obvious.

But the answer I came up with was this: Because I want to try all of the eateries in the Los Angeles area that specialize in the burger and serve it fresh to order.

Now let’s break that down:

“Eateries”: any chain restaurant or one-off joint (these two types can be searched underneath the BURGER CATEGORIES heading found on the bottom of this page or on the left-hand side vertical bar on any burger post page).

“the Los Angeles area”: I think anyone who has lived here a while or knows it well knows this is a very large and general area, all of which I hope to explore eventually.

“Specialize in the burger”: Any eatery whose menu revolves around the almighty burger. In-N-Out and Umami Burger have burger-centric menus, whereas Applebee’s and Denny’s are just restaurants with large menus that happen to include burgers. I will only be visiting the former.

“Serve it fresh to order”: Basically this means no McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.

All that being said, what exactly will I be posting about these burger places?

I sample the burger that they consider to be their signature offering, or their house burger, and make note of its presentation, standard toppings, and how cheese is oriented within the ordering framework.

I make note if each restaurant offers meal combos (burger/fries/drink) or if each item must be bought separately, and then the average price a patron must pay for a full meal.

I also note the general ambience, ordering procedure, and any other noteworthy details that might be of interest.

I make note of each restaurant’s fries, not necessarily the quality, but at least the style that they offer (skinny, regular, fat).

Finally, I give a concise review of what I thought of the burger and the overall experience of said eatery, hopefully giving readers an idea of if its worthy of their time and money.

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